Forwarding Services


IMPORT & export

As experts in logistics, we are ready to cater your import and/or export requirements through a combination of air, sea, and land freight. Our clients choose us as their freight forwarder not only because of our highly equipped team, but also because of our strong and extensive network strategy of trusted and excellent agents worldwide, especially in China and the ASEAN region, thereby optimizing both cost and time.


Aside from our Main Office situated in Metro Manila, we are also present in Pampanga (Central Luzon) and Cebu (Visayas Region), and represented by forwarding agents across the major ports of the Philippines. We have the  capability to handle both Full Container Load and Loose Container Load, port-to-port, or door-to-door. 


If your shipments are too small to be containerized, we can help you save money and time through cargo consolidation which involves packaging, or bundling, multiple small shipments into one large shipment for distribution to the same end location. Typically consolidation involves the transportation of the cargo to be stuffed in a container, custom process of shipping documents, and finally re-packing, if necessary, for delivery.
"We believe that whether the fact the client is large or small, the level of service should always be the same, and INTERMARINE strives to maintain unparalleled personalized service to all of our clients."
Leny A. Meman
President and Licensed Customs Broker


One Contact, Save Time

Our goal is to make logistics simple for you. Instead of going through the time-consuming tasks of contacting multiple carriers, comparing prices, and arranging logistics, you can delegate these to us, so you can focus on the core aspects of your business.

Full Control, Less the Hassle

As an industry expert, we will orient you with optimal logistics solutions based on your specific requirement or preferences. You are still in full control of your shipment without the tedious processes and legwork involved.

Expansive Network of Agents

Through the years we have developed and widened our network of top agents worldwide and nationwide, therefore providing our clients with various shipping options to choose from, specially for time-bound shipments or price-sensitive clients.

simplifying logistics since 1993.

We understand the headaches you get from the tedious processes of moving your cargo. That's why our logistics experts are here to pull out the complexities of logistics from your hands, so that you can focus on the integral and core matters of your business.